Nicholas Apergis, Ph.D.

Northumbria University
Newcastle Campus
Newcastle upon Tyne, N/A = Not Applic
United Kingdom 18534

102 E00-1-3928 Issues in Macroeconomics in Session:
143 F49-1-3931 Banking and Financial Issues I in Session:
204 E00-1-3930 Issues in Macrofinance in Session:
231 Plenary Symposium: “The Future of the Monetary and Financial System” in Session:
245 G10-3-3932 Banking and Financial Issues II in Session:
310 D00-2-3927 Issues in Political Economy in Session:
321 Executive Committee Meeting in Session:
345 D00-1-3929 Issues in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in Session:
353 International Advances in Economic Research Board of Editors Meeting in Session:
367 G10-4-3926 New Issues in Financial Economics in Session:
368 G30-1-3933 Issues in financial management risk in Session:
Credit frictions and the bank lending channel in Session: E00-1-3930 Issues in Macrofinance
Information and credit risk: Evidence from panel data in Session: G30-1-3933 Issues in financial management risk

Student: No
First Time Attendee: No