73rd International Atlantic Economic Conference

March 28 - 31, 2012 | Istanbul, Turkey

345 D00-1-3929 Issues in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Saturday, 31 March 2012: 2:15 PM-4:15 PM
Nicholas Apergis, Northumbria University—United Kingdom
A factor analysis for the Greek shipping industry
Lefteris Thalassinos, University of Piraeus—Greece; Vicky Zampeta, University of Piraeus—Greece
Price transmission & markov-switching regime shifts: An application to the greek tomato
Anthony N. Rezitis, University of Western Greece—Greece; Dimitris Pachis, University of Western Greece—Greece; Angelos Katis, University of Western Greece—Greece
Studying inflation differentials using a DSGE approach: The case of Greece
Tilemahos Efthimiadis, KEPE-Research Center—Greece
Consumer attitudes towards various labeled food products: The Istanbul case
Konstantinos Mattas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki—Greece; Efthimia Tsakiriddou, aristotle university of thessaloniki—Greece; Asli Zulug, ege university—Turkey; Bullent Miran, Ege University—Turkey