O10-1 4418 Economic Development: Natural Resources, Energy and Credit Effects

Thursday, 4 April 2013: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM
Arnab Biswas, University of West Florida—USA
A decision framework for deployment of small modular reactors in developing economies
Geoffrey Black, Boise State University—USA; Meredith A. Black, Boise State University—USA; Timothy Montoya, Energy Policy Institute—USA; David Shropshire, Energy Policy Institute—USA; David Solan, Energy Policy Institute—USA
Environmental degradation, energy consumption, trade openness, and economic growth
Olugbenga A. Onafowora, Susquehanna University—USA; Oluwole Owoye, Western Connecticut State University—USA
The influence of voluntary environmental performance and process of risk a bank credit
Luis Carlos Spaziani, UnB e Banco Central do Brasil—Brazil; Pedro Henrique Zuchi Conceição, University of Brasília—Brazil; Jorge Madeira Nogueira, University of Brasília.—Brazil
Are smaller cities more sustainable? environmental externalities in urban areas
Jorge Madeira Nogueira, University of Brasília.—Brazil; Priscila Braga Santiago, University of Brasilia—Brazil; Pedro Henrique Zuchi Conceição, University of Brasília—Brazil
It education and economic growth: Evidence from cross-country regressions
Jang C. Jin, Chinese U of Hong Kong—Hong Kong
J K Sachdeva, ; Sergio M. M. Monteiro, UFRGS—Brazil ; Yaroslava Babych, Tbilisi State University—Georgia ; Arnab Biswas, Clark University—USA and Jang C. Jin, Chinese University of Hong Kong—Hong Kong