The 67th International Atlantic Economic Conference
Rome, Italy

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009
Wednesday Registration - Starhotels Metropole
Thursday, 12 March 2009
Thursday Registration - Starhotels Metropole
C10-1 (1883) Econometric and Statistical Studies
E00-2 (2020) Macroeconomic Topics in Europe
E60-2 (2199) Local and Regional Public Finance
G10-3 (2088) Financial Markets and Credit Risk
I00-2 (1997) Health, Education, and Economic Growth
Thursday Morning Refreshment Break
2009 Robert A. Mundell Distinguished Address
Thursday Luncheon
E62-2 (2023) Recent Developments in Finance
E63-1 (2201) Decentralization
F01-1 (1890) Globalization and Competition
F30-2 (2007) Emerging Trends in Finance and Financial Reporting in Central and Eastern Europe - I
M10-1 (2076) Topics in Accounting and Economics
O10-2 (2139) Spatial Economics and Development
Thursday Afternoon Refreshment Break
D21-1 (2143) Firm Behavior
E00-3 (2022) Topics in Macroeconomics
E60-3 (2202) Fiscal Federalism
G10-1 (1899) General Financial Markets
L60-1 (2090) Tourism Economics
M41-1 (2072) Emerging Issues In Finance And Financial Reporting in Central and Eastern Europe - II
Thursday Welcome Reception
Friday, 13 March 2009
Friday Registration - Starhotels Metropole
C10-2 (2180) Statistical and Econometric Methods for Business and Economics - I
F39-1 (2024) Recent Issues in Stock Market Behavior
G10-4 (2065) Financial Market Analysis - I
O50-1 (2089) Growth, Inflation, and Exchange Rates in Africa
Q20-1 (2203) Economics of Natural Resources
Friday Morning Refreshment Break
E00-4 (2066) Application of Quantitative Methods in Economic Research
E60-4 (2204) Sectoral Analyses
E62-1 (2105) Public Economics
G15-1 (2025) Recent Developments in the Athens Stock Exchange
O52-1 (2092) Challenges to European Union Integration - I
Friday Lunch at Leisure
E00-1 (1885) Macroeconomic Theory
E30-1 (1886) Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
F10-1 (1891) International Trade Theory /Commercial Policy
J10-1 (2157) Demographic Economics
International Advances in Economic Research Board of Editors Meeting
Friday Afternoon Refreshment Break
C10-3 (2184) Statistical and Econometric Methods for Business and Economics - II
D00-1 (2026) Recent Development Issues in Microeconomic Theory
E60-5 (2205) Public Finance
G20-1 (2103) Financial Market Analysis - II
O52-2 (2132) Challenges to European Union Integration - II
Saturday, 14 March 2009
Saturday Registration - Starhotels Metropole
F15-1 (2112) Economic Integration in Europe
H10-1 (2206) Public Administration
I00-1 (1902) Health, Education, and Welfare
M13-1 (2071) Entrepreneurial Topics
O10-1 (1906) Economic Development
Z13-1 (1915) Social Norms
Saturday Morning Refreshment Break
E00-5 (2119) Macro- and Microeconomic Problems in the Light of Economic Integration
J10-2 (2093) Technology, Institutions, and Demographics
O40-1 (1907) Growth Theory and Models
O57-1 (2067) Selected Economic Policy Issues In the Czech Republic And EU
O57-2 (2207) Transition Issues I
R10-1 (1909) Urban and Regional Economics
Saturday Lunch at Leisure
O52-3 (2122) Impact of EU Enlargement and EMU Creation on Companies
A20-1 (1880) Teaching of Economics
C10-4 (2187) Statistical and Econometric Methods for Business and Economics - III
E40-1 (1887) Money Demand/interest Rates
G10-2 (2193) General Financial Markets
O57-3 (2208) Transition Issues II
Saturday Afternoon Refreshment Break
D12-1 (2142) Consumer Economics
E60-1 (1888) Monetary and Fiscal Policy
F30-1 (1892) International Finance
G30-1 (1901) Corporate Finance/investment
L50-1 (1905) Regulation and Industrial Policy
O40-2 (2209) Growth and Development

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